Hidden Spring Hogs

Meet the variety of hogs we have at Hidden Spring Farm! Not all pork is created equal, so we have four breeds of swine to choose from: the Berkshire, the Duroc, the Yorkie and the Mangalitsa. Each breed has attributes which lend itself to one type of pallet or use as opposed to another.

  • Meet the Mangalitsa

    If Berkshires are the "Beef of Pork" than Mangalitsa are the "Colby Beef" of pork. Known by some as "Lard Hogs," these rare, hairy, Hungarian hogs have a delicious, creamy fat that literally melts in your mouth. This is a gourmet hog that lends itself well to hams, sausage and varied succulent dishes. Pure Mangalitsa require 14 to 16 months to come to maturity as opposed to most hogs which only require 5 to 7 months on average. They also need a more varied diet than the average hog. Individuals with discerning pallets can expect to pay a higher price for this culinary delight.

  • Meet the Duroc/Yorkshire Cross

    The Duroc/Yorkshire cross is very good for bacon and hams. It is a longer, leaner pig more commonly used in commercial applications. It has minimal if any marbling, and is a great choice for a pig-roast. When raised properly, it has a wonderful fat cap for loin roasts and pork chops. This is a solid butcher hog for the price.

  • Meet the Duroc

    The Duroc is another heritage breed with incredibly juicy, mild-flavored meat. This is a kind of middle-of-the-road meat to some. The meat is more pink than red with lighter marbling than the Berkshire. It is a meat with many excellent qualities.

  • Meet the Berkshire

    Known by some as "The Beef of Pork," the Berkshire is a heritage breed that is claimed to have a naturally sweet, smokey flavor, and is enjoyed for its mild-flavored, well-marbled fat.

Spring 2020 Hog Pricing

Butcher Hogs

Yorkie/Duroc Cross

  • Whole Carcass: $2.35/lb with $50 Slaughter Fee
  • Half Carcass: $2.85/lb with $35 Slaughter Fee

Berkshire/Duroc Cross

  • Whole Carcass: $3.25/lb with $50 Slaughter Fee
  • Half Carcass: $3.75/lb with $35 Slaughter Fee

Berkshire/Mangalitsa Cross

  • Whole Carcass: $4.25/lb with $50 Slaughter Fee
  • Half Carcass: $4.75/lb$35 Slaughter Fee

Fees and Extras

  • Butcher Fee: $1.25/lb
  • Wrapping (optional): $1.25/lb
  • Pick up from butcher: FREE
  • Delivery available upon request


(two piglet minimum, delivery available upon request)

  • Yorkie/Duroc Cross: $130 per piglet
  • Berkshire/Duroc Cross: $160 per piglet

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1702, 2020

We’re expecting piglets in March 2020!

We’re expecting piglets in March! They will be ready for pickup in May. We expect around 60 piglets, and 30 are already sold! Put your order in before they’re gone!

Buy two or more piglets and pick them up, or pick them out and we’ll raise them for you in our pastures.

$120 per Yorkie/Duroc Cross piglet
$140 per Berkshire/Duroc Cross piglet

2106, 2019

New Breeds Coming in December or May

Depending on incoming orders, we are now breeding Duroc/Yorkie sows for piglets to be available in late fall, or Duroc/Yorkie butcher hogs to be available in early spring. Ask about our off-season discounts for piglets.